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Linking POSIX mqueue and QT interfaces

  • Hi everyone, i've got a issue to solve.
    I'm working in a LINUX/C++ project and i want to create a graphic interface for the final version of it. In this job i've generated several processes communicating through POSIX mqueue.
    Now i have to link the 'Master Process' created, with a User Interface, but i don't know how to implement the communication. My idea is to send messages to the Qt queue interfaces in order to activate pre-implemented functions when a certain message is received, but i don't know how to do it. Has the Qt interface an own Message Queue? And how can i manage external incoming messages in order to change the interface??

    I've tried to by-pass the problem using asyncronous UNIX signals but i need temporal sequence to manage all the messages properly.

    Thanks guys for helping me.

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