Issue with LD_LIBRARY_PATH (application deploying) [SOLVED]

  • Hi

    I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for deploying application.


    appname=basename $0 | sed s,\.sh$,,

    dirname=dirname $0

    if [ "${dirname%$tmp}" != "/" ]; then

    chmod a+x $dirname/$appname

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH

    $dirname/$appname "$@" @

    Also i copy to application's directory files

    @>ls -c1************

    when running script in console:
    @Qt at-spi: error getting the accessibility dbus address: "The name org.a11y.Bus was not provided by any .service files" @

    @>lsof -p [my process pid]
    and etc.@

    So application don't use libraries from own directory, but use it from Qt installation path. Why? Where is error?

  • When i set LD_LIBRARY_PATH manually in terminal, change Qt installation path and run:
    @ldd <myapp> => ./ (0x00007f55fcc4f000) => ./ (0x00007f55fc6c7000) => ./ (0x00007f55fc48b000) => ./ (0x00007f55fbe8b000) => ./ (0x00007f55fba11000) => ./ (0x00007f55fb3da000)

    It means that ldd find it. But when i run application i have:
    @Failed to load platform plugin "xcb". Available platforms are:


    Do i need to deploy Qt platforms plugins?

    But when i do ldd it shows: => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f9843768000)

    There no path to Qt platforms plugin! Why app depends from it?

  • Problem was resolved.
    I copy all Qt libs to application directory and start delete it one by one.
    And i find that problem was in Qt5DBus. ldd don't show it for my app, therefore i don't copy it to app directory.
    Strange why ldd didn'y show it...

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