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Problems with Qt Webkit and Mac App Store

  • I have developed an app that uses a web view and I'm having problems to publish it in the Mac App Store as more people has reported in the past.

    There's an easy solution, using an OS X native web view (I'll explain now how to do it), but that doesn't work for me because I have developed the UI with OpenGL and when I use an NS-control (not only a web view, a button, search field...) it doesn't appear. Is there a way to make it work over an OpenGL surface?

    Also, I think I read in the past it's possible to compile qtwebkit without HTML5 video support (that seems to be the problem with Apple rules because it uses a private API) but now I cannot find where I read it and I'm not sure if that would work. If somebody has tried it and could explain me how to do it I would appreciate it, because I have never compiled Qt or QtWebkit.

    Now, for the people that want to use a native webview in OS X this is a how to:

    1. Add this line in the .pro file to use Cocoa and Webkit:
      @LIBS += -framework Cocoa -framework WebKit@

    2. As we are going to use Objective-C it's important that the classes that use Objective-C are in a .mm file instead of .cpp . The .pro file should look like this:
      @SOURCES += main.cpp


    HEADERS += cocoaclass.h@

    1. Our NS view will be wrapped in a QMacCocoaViewContainer derived class. We will use that class in the rest of our Qt code like if it was a QWidget. This is a sample class with a webview that opens Google when it's created.

    @#ifndef COCOAWEBVIEW_H
    #define COCOAWEBVIEW_H

    #include <QMacCocoaViewContainer>

    class CocoaWebView : public QMacCocoaViewContainer
    CocoaWebView(QWidget *parent);

    #endif // COCOAWEBVIEW_H@
    @#include "cocoawebview.h"
    #include <WebKit/WebKit.h>
    #include <Webkit/WebView.h>

    CocoaWebView::CocoaWebView(QWidget *parent) : QMacCocoaViewContainer(0,parent)
    NSAutoreleasePool *pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init];

    NSRect rect = {{0, 0},{parent->width(), parent->height()}};

    WebView *webView = [[WebView alloc] initWithFrame:rect frameName:nil groupName:nil];


    [[static_cast<WebView *> (this->cocoaView()) mainFrame] loadRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:[NSString stringWithString:@""]]]];

    [webView release];

    [pool release];

    PS: I'm using Qt 4.8.3

  • Good enough to solve it temporarily. I have succeed to pass the review of the MAS.

  • How do you detect url redirecting with this method? Thanks.

  • What's your email? I could give you my sample code.

  • Can you click on my profile and send email from there? Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

  • I just sent you my email address via forum message. Thank you!

  • You are welcome, I've rebuilt a demo and uploaded it here,I hope it could help you.

  • This is a life saver... Thank you so much!

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