[Solved} Qt5 and QVariant

  • These codes are working fine with previous Qt version.
    But, Qt5 gives me this error :
    Qt5.0.0/5.0.0/gcc_64/include/QtCore/qvariant.h:472: error: 'QVariant::QVariant(Qt::PenStyle)' is private
    What is the correct way for these codes?

  • [quote]- QVariant:

    • Inconsistent constructor taking Qt::GlobalColor and producing QVariant(QColor)
      instance was removed. Code constructing such variants can be migrated by
      explicitly calling QColor constructor. For example from "QVariant(Qt::red)"
      to "QVariant(QColor(Qt::red))"
    • Similarly, implicit creation of QVariants from enum values Qt::BrushStyle,
      Qt::PenStyle, and Qt::CursorShape have been removed. Create objects explicitly
      or use static_cast<int>(Qt::SolidLine) to create a QVariant of type int with
      the same value as the enum.[/quote]Use <code>QVariant::fromValueQt::PenStyle(Qt::DotLine)</code> and <code>Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(Qt::PenStyle)</code> or <code>static_cast<int>(Qt::DotLine)</code> instead.

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