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Show static and global variables in debug mode

  • I have qt creator 2.4.1 based on Qt 4.7.4
    How can I show static and global variables in debug mode?

  • If I'm not wrong, you're talking about how to write variable name in debug window because static and global are not automatically pushed there... two ways:
    1: drag and drop var name from text code to debug window
    2: double click debug window and a new row will appear to write var name.

  • tnx,
    another way:
    3. Debug--> Add to watch window

  • probably good answers but...

    • what's a "debug window"? I can't find anything named that in Qt Creator and google doesn't seem to know either

    • " Debug—> Add to watch window"? what? is Debug a menu? a button? a command? possibly a window...

  • ah.

    you can drag and drop expressions into the "Locals and Expressions" window

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