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  • I've noticed other posts around the web mentioning the existence of Dmitry Savchenko's Todo Plugin for Qt Creator (Add it in Creatir 2.5 by Help -> About Plugins... -> Utilities -> Todo). I can't quite figure out how to use it optimally.

    I've figured out that I can flag comments with TODO and they'll come up in the To-Do Entries Pane, but what else can I do?
    @int hi = 9; //TODO: make this do stuff@

    Are there instructions or a tutorial for this handy tool anywhere?

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    Once you've enabled the plugin, you should have a "To-Do" item in your Tools->Options... dialog box.

    In it, you can create, edit, and delete different keyword filters which the plugin will scan for. Off the top of my head, I think there are filters for BUG, FIXME, NOTE, and TODO. Maybe others, I can't remember. You can edit each keyword to set the display color and the icon shown for each item in the "To-Do Entries" output window.

    You can also set the scope for whether it only parses the currently open files or parses the entire project.

  • That's a good starting point. Thank you!

  • I am able to see plugin in (Help - > About Plugins - > Utilities - > Todo) but there is no “To-Do” item in my Tools->Options… dialog box. I am using Qt Creator 2.4.1. Plz tell me how to enable this plugin and how to create the todo list?

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    Abhy: You will need to upgrade to a version of creator that has the plugin. IIRC it was added in the 2.5 timeframe... just grab the most recent version and you are fine.

  • Hi Tobias,
    Thanks for your reply , but i have a doubt here. I am using Windows 7 and i read in same forum that creator 2.5 is quit without asking anything. It was crashing all the time. Do you think upgrading version of creator is good idea?

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    Abhy: If something does not work, then please file a bug report so that we can fix it!

    I am using Qt creator from the master branch all the time, so I might be the wrong person to ask for advice whether upgradig is a good idea or not;-)

  • @Tobias - is there perhaps a way to split view the output panes so it can show more than one pane at a time?

  • I can't get it to scan .js files - does anyone know howto do that?

  • This post is deleted!

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