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Qtcreator : MSVC compiler not detected installing Qt libraries 5.0 Beta 2 for Windows [Solved]

  • Hi all,
    usually i work on Linux and for my very first time i installed Qt last libraries on Windows 7 (tried also XP) but i have no compiler
    auto detected by qtcreator ?
    Is there something to configure before anything else ?
    My rep of installation is something like D:\Qt (i mean not in C:...) but i tried also in a C:\ rep without success.
    I googled and foudn maybe QMAKESPEC env variable to win32-msvc2010 (tried logoff and reopen qtcreator) but without success...
    How do you manage to have your Qtcreator working under windows installing the SDK ???

    Your help will be very appreciated. Thanks by advance.
    Best regards!

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    Which version of MSVC did you install? And, is it in your PATH?

    You can also try manually adding your compiler (Tools -> Options -> Build & Run -> Compilers)

  • Hi, Thanks for your answer.
    I have MSVC2008 but the installation of SDK Qt5.0 launches the installation of MSVC2010.
    I have in my PATH C:\windows\system32 where i can find the library mvcr100.dll.
    I tried the manual adding but i have 3 choices only (mingw already installed, gcc (should be the mingw one ?, and clang (?)). Anyway, i tried all these ones, but the Qt version tab say me that no compiler can produce code for this Qt version...

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    Qt Creator is correct when is says "no compiler can produce code for this Qt version" -- those binaries were pre-compiled using MSVC2010, so they are incompatible with MSVC2008.

    You can either download MSVC2010, or build Qt 5 yourself from the source code.

  • Hi,

    But i already have MSVC2010 since QtSDK installs it and i can see the dll in my path...
    The message "no compiler can produce code for this Qt version” is indicated when i manually add gcc or something else which is not MSVC compiler since i can't see it in the choices that qtcreator offers me...
    So, actually, i have MSVC2010 installed but could'nt try to add MSVC2010 as compiler in Qtcreator since it cannot see it...(not even 2008). It calls for an environnment variable but since i have the dll in my path ?
    Is there something else to put in the path ?
    Thank again

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    Qt SDK did not install MSVC2010. The Qt Project is not legally allowed to distribute the MSVC compiler -- Users must download it from Microsoft directly.

    [quote author="bizut" date="1354440477"]I have in my PATH C:\windows\system32 where i can find the library mvcr100.dll.[/quote]That DLL is the redistributable part of MSVC2010 -- it lets you run programs, not compile programs.

    The compiler is ~1.5 GB in size, and is usually installed in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0

    Once you download and install the MSVC2010 compiler from Microsoft, Qt Creator should be able to find it.

  • Hi,

    Ok Thank you a lot for the insight! I will try it then !
    Best regards!

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    You're welcome :)

    If it works, please edit your original post to add "[Solved]" to the title.

  • Ok,

    I installed the real visual studio instead of only the redistributable part and...
    compilers are detected!!!and QtVersion tab is correct.
    i still have an invalid kit ;-)
    The error is "No compiler set in kit" (Desktop QT5.00 beta2 MSVC2010 32 bits) and when i click Manage button to set the compiler, nothing happens. It doesn't take the compiler into account.
    any idea ?

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    Pick the compiler from the drop-down list. The manage button will take you to the screen where you can manage your installed compilers:-)

  • Hi,

    When i am on the Kits tab,

    i select the auto detected kit (Desktop QT5.00 ..), i click on Manage Button for the Compiler. Its directs me on Compilers tab.
    I select the compiler i want, do Apply, Ok.
    But reopening the Tools/Kits tab , i still have an invalid kit, the compiler beeing still not taken in account...

    Now, i have also a Manual kit named Desktop (what is it ??). For him, i can select a compiler !
    I tried to make ti the default kit. But tryining compilation says "QtCreator needs a compiler set up to build"...
    so despairing...
    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards!

  • I finally managed to compile...
    In the project, i had to add the Kit Destop (Combo Add Kit in project) (don't know why the destop autodtected doesn't work but that's fine with me if Destop works).

    I added my Qt Path for INCLUDE, LIBPATH AND LIB.

    Moreother, it seems there are changes in Qt5.0 ;-) i mean, i had to add QT+= widgets in the .pro file.
    QtGui/QApplication become QtWidget/QApplication and i'm just at the beginning...
    But, yes, QtCreator compiles something !!!YPOUOUHH WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!

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