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[solved]Qt: Untested Windows version 8.3 detected! Error

  • I am new to programming using Qt framework

    i ran the following example ""
    Info : Windows 7 64 bit
    Qt 5 Beta 2
    Qt creator 2.6
    Microsoft visual 2010 express
    Microsoft Windows SDK v7.1

    The compilation was successful and the the program ran as expected, but during subsequent build and runtime the the program hung and screenshot.exe has stopped working window popped up. The application output console in Qt creator displayed

    bq. Qt: Untested Windows version 8.3 detected!
    C:\Users\abc\Documents\code\screenshot-build-Desktop-Release\release\screenshot.exe exited with code 255

    1. Additional files required to run the screenshot.exe bring up the size of the distribution to 30 MB, while the exe itself is 79 KB in size, i read about static building and couldn't comprehend the location to set the static flag in Qt creator. Could you please shed come light on it.

    A solution to either of the problem, would be appreciated..

  • If you want to build a Qt application with static Qt libraries, you will have to re-build Qt itself from the sources - as static libraries. The "official" Qt distribution has been built as dynamic libraries (DLL files).

    As for "Untested Windows version 8.3 detected!": Are you sure the message was exactly like that? The latest version of Windows NT is 6.2 (aka "Windows 8"), the previous version was Windows NT 6.1 (aka "Windows 7"). And yes, Microsoft is really using this illogic version numbering! So there is no such thing as a "Windows 8.3", not even any "Windows 8.x", at present. Which would explain why Qt considers it "untested" when it really came across that version. But the real question is: How can the Windows version be detected as 8.3 ???

    1. Its difficult to compile a static version from source, if u can provide a link to static version, it would help to a great extent.

    2. Also i have noticed many of dll added for distribution are not required for the exe to function, is it possible to added flags during compilation to reduce the dependency check to minimum number of dll required for functioning.

    3. The distribution failed to run on XP 32 bit with SP3, no errors were displayed.

    4. Yes, i know the version of windows 7 is 6.1, hence the error has baffled me. I had posted the screenshot as a proof.


  • Qt will depend on those libraries that you use, most likely you'll need at least QtCore and QtGui.

    Whenever you want to check the dependencies of your EXE file, just use Dependency Walker:

    Compiling Qt as a static lib really isn't difficult. Though I have written down some notes here:

    Also I have uploaded my builds here, but currently these are MSVC builds of Qt4 only:

    Needless to say that there is no guarantee for anything, so better build yourself or use official DLL's ;-)

  • Thank Mulder for the notes, this simplifies the compilation process.

    Any suggestion on the critical error

    bq. Qt: Untested Windows version 8.3 detected!
    C:\Users\abc\Documents\code\screenshot-build-Desktop-Release\release\screenshot.exe exited with code 255

    i am unable to build and run Qt apps

  • I'm not a Qt developer, so I would suggest to scan the Qt sources (whatever version you are using to build your app) for the string "Untested Windows version", so you can see where exactly that warning is thrown. Then you might be able to track down why it is thrown and where exactly the strange "8.3" comes from...

  • Thank you, for the advice. Since initially it ran without any hiccup and later builds started throwing this error, i figure its not Qt 5 problem. Anyways will go through the source.

  • I solved issue, the problem arose when i had added the Qt application(screenshot.exe) in the "Application Verifier" and had closed the app with removing the application from the software. Now i cleared the application using Delete application option in the File tab.

    Strange !! this caused such a major issue..

  • I ran into a similar error when I tried to build a Visual Studio 2010 solution after upgrading to Windows 8.

    Qt: Untested Windows version 6.2 detected!
    1> Qt User Interface Compiler version 4.7.4
    1> Usage: c:\Qt474-msvc2010\bin\uic.exe [options] <uifile>
    1> -h, -help display this help and exit
    1> -v, -version display version
    1> -d, -dependencies display the dependencies
    1> -o <file> place the output into <file>
    1> -tr <func> use func() for i18n
    1> -p, -no-protection disable header protection
    1> -n, -no-implicit-includes disable generation of #include-directives
    1> for forms generated by uic3
    1> -g <name> change generator
    1>C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Microsoft.CppCommon.targets(151,5): error MSB6006: "cmd.exe" exited with code 1.

    The root directory for my solution was C:\Development\PI_Local S23
    If I changed it to
    The projects would still get the warning but they would build. I'm assuming that the space in the path name made a difference?

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