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SSl error.

  • Hi,

    I am developing an Application that make use of QtNetwork and QSsl on CentOS 5.8-64 bit.
    I have compiled Qt with default parameters, now when i run my Application I get the following errors,

    @test.h:39: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'QSslSocket' with no type
    test.h:39: error: expected ';' before '*' token
    client.h:35: error: 'QSslCertificate' does not name a type
    client.h:36: error: 'QSslKey' does not name a type
    main.cpp:35: error: 'QSslCertificate' does not name a type
    main.cpp:36: error: 'QSslKey' does not name a type@

    I think I have not included the openssl support for Qt. So should I again compile Qt with openssl support?
    or is there any workaround, so that I can provide openssl support to my Application.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Recompile your Qt with -openssl or -openssl-linked and check configuration output if it has found needed headers/libs and openssl is activated.

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