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Function parameter type with far or near in C

  • I have a function with parameter type "far" as below code:
    @static uint16_t CRC16_CCITT(const uint8_t far * const pui8_DataBuf, const uint32_t ui32_DataBufSize)

    but i can't find out the correct symbol to show "CRC16_CCITT" function, that only show "far * const pui8_DataBuf" variable.

    Can i modify this symbol problem? or need to setting generic-highlighter somewhere?

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    How is this related to Qt?

  • Recently, i use Qt creator to do C code documentation with doxygen plugin for my microcontroller works, and consider it as a good source code editor or analysis tool. I can do the same behavior as my question that use Editplus & Geany IDE are correct, but in VS2012 or Eclipse CDT is not. So i hope Qt Creater also have a method to correct. Is't maybe redundant for my viewpoint?


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