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Qt Creator - no option for Application project

  • I am trying to get started using Qt on my Windows 7 (32-bit) computer. I have installed software, but I am still not able to even create a Qt project using either VS2010, nor Qt Creator. I really am not dead set on using one over the other; I just need something that works.

    I installed the Qt Libraries 4.8.3 for Windows (VS2010) from here: I tried using the tutorial online for getting started with the VS2010 add-in found here: When I run the "Visual Studio with Qt 4.8.3" from my All Programs list, it starts up VS2010 as I would expect, but when I choose to make a new project, there is no option for Qt, as the tutorial indicates. I have looked through every single "installed template" that the prompt gives, including the ones that would make no sense for Qt to be listed under.

    So, not being particularly crazy about VS2010 anyway, I decided to use Creator, but contrary to the information on the download page, it is not included in the package I installed. So I installed Qt Creator from the standalone installer, but when I try to make a new project, I do not have the option to make an application. I only have options for library, other, non-qt, or import.

    It's confusing that when downloading Qt Creator from the downloads page, it said it is recommended to get it by downloading one of the SDKs listed above. But above there is nothing called an SDK; the links are for the libraries. Even if library and SDK are taken to mean the same thing, the fact remains that the package didn't include Creator.

    Am I the only one experiencing these frustrating issues with the most basic of steps needed to get started? If it weren't for the fact that I'd used Qt in the past (version 3.something) and liked it, I would most certainly have given up on it by now. The information I am finding all seems to be either incomplete or inaccurate.

    I hope someone here can help clear this up for me, because I have done a lot of searching on Google, and on the qt website, but have only found information that does not match what I am seeing from the software I installed.

  • Yes, Qt 4 packages are Qt only. I really hope the situation will improve again in December when Qt5 comes out. Those packages contain Qt Creator again. The Nokia Qt SDK is unfortunately discontinued for a while now.

    The Creator packages in turn contain Qt Creator only, no Qt to work with. So it requires some setup. It is documented "here": . You will also want to set up "kits": .

  • Thank you for the quick and accurate response! :) I thought there should be some way of configuring Creator to find the libraries I installed, and I had even gone into those options, but just didn't know what to do there. Looks like I'm on my way now! :D

  • Thanks for the response. I have started QT hope the journey will be smooth.

  • I am not able to set up debugger for qt in windows takes so much time to set up the qt itself.. why there isn't a proper information...

  • There is the manual build right into Qt Creator. Did you check it?

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