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New enterprise application in Qt: QML or QWidgets?

  • If you were to start a new enterprise application (ERP type) in Qt, what would you use to develop the UI, QML or QWidgets? Obviously there is a need for grids, so using QWidget based components is a must. The app would have a lifespan of 10 years. And yes, there is no need for animations other than random dancing girls :-)))

    I have spent a bit of reading about Qt 5 and it seems to me that the mobile world started to overflow in the desktop world. The consensus seems to be that developing UI using QML gets you faster at least for the phone. It looks to me that the need to imitate the various animation effects on different platform pushed things on a certain road that I am not to sure it's good for desktop applications that don't need animation. As a side note, in my experience the novelty effect that an animation has wears off pretty quickly and soon it becomes a waste of computer cycles. Anyway, that aside, where is this going??


  • In QML animation is not mandatory. You can just use QML Desktop components to create a desktop UI. That will not be glossy or animated. It will look like a native app. Since your application is going to live for another 10 years just use QML so that you can change the UI easily, in this life span. Main feature of QML is its agility.

  • How easy is to integrate a Table View or a List View components to QML screen?

  • Actually its very easy. You can easily create a proof of concept within hours and then decide whether you can go with QML or Qt.

  • Read this article to understand what I am getting at:

    It's not related directly to Qt but the bottom line is that all this "prettiness" is driving the development tools to a certain road. It looks to me that QML has been developed for implementing mobile devices UI, all this fluff s***t that I see on the phones. You guys are telling me that it's easy to develop QML. But I need screens with grid controls, date pick controls, perhaps rich text stuff and so on. Is QML capable of handling this?? Are the QWidgets going to be eventually obsolete?

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    s QML capable of handling this?? Are the QWidgets going to be eventually obsolete?

    • Not fully ATM. Grid is there, rich text too, but AFAIK date picking is missing (can be taken from widgets, though).
    • No one knows the answer here, we will see what happens on the way. Currently, QtWidgets is back with an active maintainer, while most of the QML people lost their jobs due to you-know-what. As popularity goes, both technologies are going strong.

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