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[solved] Cross-platform Database

  • Hello , I'm currently working on a cross-platform GUI for windows and MAC and I need to integrate a database.
    sqlite3 looks like the right candidate for a cross-platform application , I'm looking for a way to package the database with my application setup for a silent installation for windows, or any other way that won't require the user to manually download the sqlite3 database.
    So I could later on do the same with the Mac bundle.

    Any suggestions are welcomed since I haven't got a clue about how this is done.

  • you can find the required libraries in your [Qt directory]/plugins/sqldrivers/

    qsqlite4.dll and qsqlite4d.dll should be there (for windows)

    all you need to do is to copy what you need and create a folder inside your "application" directory and name it "sqldrivers", then put the libraries (dll files,etc) in that folder

  • Thank you, really appreciate your help!

  • [quote author="georgesKh" date="1352277217"]Thank you, really appreciate your help![/quote]

    You're welcome! Kindly mark this thread as [solved] so that other users may find it useful.

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