Qt Creator create folder + copy paste files into project folder

  • Hi everyone. I'm using Qt Creator for more than a few month and it's great but I found one inconvenience. I can't create folders and copy-paste files(like pictures) into project folders. I always have to manually go to the project folder to create everything. There should be an option similar to add-> new C++ file to create a new folder.

    So.. it is such an option or it will be implemented?

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    There is no such option and I am not aware anybody is working on it at this time. I think I saw a issue in our bug tracker about this, but I can not currently find it.

    You can use "Show in Explorer" from the context menu of a file though and do all the file operations there.

  • Thanks Tobias. I made a "suggestion":http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTCREATORBUG-3265
    If anyone thinks it's important feel free to vote for it :)


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