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How to compile qt project in visual studio?

  • Hi,

    Seems like compiling and running qt MSVS/MingW projects on windows is like drilling teeths in rock :( . I find docs to very unorganized/ hard to find right stuff . Anyways going with my question

    How do I compile and link multiple souce files qt project made in VS on windows? Can anyone please link me to some basic starting tutorials?

    I had asked similar question previously , seems like none could give good answer with explanation :( <- please give good answer with explanation if you can, thanks

    from my writings you can guess I'm literally crying whenever using qt :(

  • bq. Seems like compiling and running qt MSVS/MingW projects on windows is like drilling teeths in rock :(

    Agree on that one. You should use Linux to develope, it's more than heaven could bless.

    The only reason I use Window is to port my app there, no more or less.

    This is the "doc": regarding deployment on Window. If you don't understand anything, just ask.

  • You seem to have some basic problems with vs and Qt. However, I am not completely sure where your problem is.

    First, I am not familiar with vs 2010. I am still using vs 2005. To my understanding it should not be too different.

    It looks to me that the moc step (Meta Object Compiling) is not performed at all. This may/does happen when the project has not been started as Qt project right from the beginning. You should not add a new standard project to your solution. When installing vsaddin, it introduces some additional menu items into vs.

    In vs Go to "file" =>"add"=>"new project". This should open a familiar dialog. However, in addition to the previous items in "project types" it shall also show an entry "Qt projects". In my case it is the very first entry on the left of that dialog. Choose "Qt projects" and you will find the different template analog to the standard options. For the case you have shown in your other post, a "Qt console application" should be fine.
    Now you are basically ready to start programming.

  • Thanks a lot , that answer really helped a lot :)

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