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Run Qt linux binary in Windows

  • Hi,

    I developed a sample project in linux and created a binary. I need to test this binary in Windows 7. In my Windows 7 Qt is not installed.

    How can I test linux Qt binary in Windows?

    Please suggest your views.

    Appreciate your help in this regard.


  • Hello,
    I think you should compile your source on windows. It will bu much easier for you. For this you have to download windows version of Qt libs and maybe tools for building (e.g: gcc) if you don't already have them. then you can just distribute your binary with the minimum set of dlls needed if you want to run on other Windows computers.

  • You can't, because it is a Linux binary. If you want to run your application on Windows you will have to create a Windows binary.

    This can be either done by using a native toolkit on the target platform or cross-compiling (for example using MinGW) for your host platform - in both ways you will have to create a Windows binary.

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    That depends on what kind of binary you did create: A linux or a windows one (e.g. using mingw on linux).

    You can not test a linux binary on windows. You can obviously run a windows binary on windows, but you will need all the dynamic libraries the binary was linked against.

    You can run windows binaries on linux using wine. That is not the "real windows" experience though: You are just as likely to run into issues with wine as you are of discovering bugs in your application in my experience.

  • Actually, If you are developing sorely on Linux, and want a cross-compiler target to Window, I suggess you try out "MXE cross compiler":

    You can install Qt 4.8.1 and generate window executable file with it. The only bugging thing is, you can't install mobilityKit inside the MXE. Don't know why, but you might try.

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