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Windows message error in running application

  • Hi...
    I make an application using Qt. After build, I copy all the folder build to another PC. The .exe file
    / application run well after 2 minutes, and then always there is a message box with messages:

    "display_app.exe has stopped working"
    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
    Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

    Also there are two buttons: "Debug" and "Close Program"

    I need your suggestion, what is the problem in my application. Thank you.


  • The problem might be that the application must be looking for some resources/dependencies(.dll) on the local drive( depends on what you code). So it will be helpful if you can provide some code.

    Also did you copy the associated .dll's with the exe file ?

    You can check with "Dependency walker ":http://www.dependencywalker.com/ regarding the missing dlls.

  • Thanks for reply,
    but the application already run well about 2 minutes. May be the .dll already complete. But I will check it with Dependency walker.

  • After running dependency walker, all .dll in the top left container already green (ok),
    but in the Module container there is one question mark: IESHIMS.DLL, error opening file. The system cannot find the file specified(2).

    Then, I search IESHIMS.dll in the PC and in the other PC that I make the program. It seems that the IESHIMS.dll not available in those PC.

    May be is there any other suggestion? Thanks

  • One simple thing is that you can create a sample example of your project and upload the file somewhere and paste the link here , that will be much more easy for us to understand the problem.

  • You probably have to review your code since there will be some bug in it.

  • Hi, sounds to me that you made a coding error. Is it the same in the debug setting? Does it also stop working? Maybe check for memory leaks or make sure every while and for loop get exited properly. Try it also with a very busy machine (start a 3D game in de background orso, just to simulate processor load).
    Happy bug hunting!

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