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PHP QT installation

  • Hey everyone,

    I want to build GUI using PHP, JS, HTML and CSS, it's possible using PHP-QT and Webkit? I'm newbie about QT framework, if you don't mind, please give me basic tutorial to installing PHP QT and first example.

    Yesterday, I has been downloaded GeeTeeDee to do list manager software, I know that program built by QT.. Then I'm inspired to build PHP GUI using QT, please advise me. Thanks.

    P.S I'm using windows

  • There is no official Qt bindings for php. Currently only python bindings are actively developed AFAIK. If you want components for web based applications take a look at something like "qooxdoo":http://qooxdoo.org/. All old php bindings I saw where meant to create desktop applications...

  • thanks for reply, does qooxdoo supporting php? I know titanium did good job for PHP, but application is running heavier than QT. PHP-GTK didn't support Webkit. if you know anything about PHP desktop application + webkit like titanium please tell me..


  • I don't know any other php GUI frameworks.
    However, take a look at "Qt Quick":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qtquick.html. You don't have to write even single line in C++ to create some spectacular user interfaces. Qt Quick uses JavaScript.

  • I know, thanks, but I'm PHP user, if I go back to C++ it's very new to me.. and I must learn C++ again, but I think I must learn C# 'cause C# little bit looks like PHP.. they have :

    • Webkit
    • CURL
    • DOM Selector

    that what I really need.

  • I don't think that Qt is what you are looking for, sorry.

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