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Reload QML Item3d Source or Viewport after change resources by setsource new for QQuickView

  • Hi.

    I have a problem with the QML Item3d or the QML Viewport.

    After I change the Resources I set in C++ the same source new for my QQuickView, so that the (new) Images will be reloaded.
    That works for all Images, really for all in ressource file and from systemfolders, too.

    But after changing the source, the Item3d Mesh Source is not available.

    When I delete the QuickView in C++ and create it new then really everthing works, but I don't want to delete the QuickView.

    I already tried to delete the QObject (QML) where the Item3d is defined but that does not help.

    Has anyone a idea for this problem?

    Thank You.

  • Nobody has an idea?

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