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Developping an HTML5 & jQuery Visual Editor

  • Hy guys , I'm developping an app with Qt precisely QtWebkit cuz the core app it's in HTML5 so the UI and backend are HTML5, but here the QUESTION i'm looking the memory consumption and it's now up to 100Mb have I make mistake by using HTML5 in the Implementation
    should i make instead an hybrid really hybrid with implementation with i don't know Qt or QML/JS ?
    What do you think about this ?

    N.b: *I think as the workarea or the stage does'nt need to be just a graphic view .it is simple to make a webview and playing with DOM
    as this way i prefer doing directly with js instead of making this with c++ *

  • Have you tried using the QGraphicsWebView class? In the documentation it states that the QGraphicsWebView allows Web content to be added to a GraphicsView. This might have a smaller memory footprint. Hope this helps.

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