How do I place XML data in a Selection Dialog

  • "Example Selection Dialog":

    I have a Selection Dialog like the one in the picture I attached.
    The data in the selection dialog were preset like this.

    titleText:"Select a Box"
    ListElement { name: "Inbox"; boxId: 0}
    ListElement { name: "Today"; boxId: 1}
    ListElement { name: "Next"; boxId: 2}
    ListElement { name: "Later"; boxId: 3}

    delegate: itemDelegate
    Component {
    id: itemDelegate
    MenuItem {
    onClicked: {
    selectedIndex = index;

    } //close

    Right now, I want to retrieve an XML data and display it in the selection dialog instead of setting it manually by myself.
    My XML data is this

    XmlListModel {
    id: photo1
    property string feedUrl: ""
    property bool loading: status == XmlListModel.Loading

                source: "(_example url_)"
                query: "/plist/array/dict"
                XmlRole { name: "photoTitle"; query: "string[1]/string()";}

    To be clearer, instead of keying in Inbox, Today etc. by myself into the Selection Dialog,
    I want to retrieve the XML data that display item e.g(October, November, December) into the Selection Dialog.
    Any idea how to do it? Really need help.

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