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  • I am building my Qt app with Qt Creator 2.0.1, on Windows 7 (from the SDK), using the mingw32 tools. My source code and .pro file all reside in foo\GUI, and I am doing a Shadow build in foo\build. It is annoying that when I make changes to a form the revised UI header is created in the build directory, and is not found by the compiler, which is looking for it in the source directory. I can copy the header file across manually, of course, but I'm sure there must be a way to have the file created in the same directory as all the other source files. Can someone throw some light on this?

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    Take a look at how you include the ui_<filename>.h files in your headers. It's probably looking for them in current dir. Add foo/build to qmake's includepath, maybe? Never had that problem myself, to be honest.

  • You can change where to create them using the UI_DIR variable in your .pro file. I prefer to not have them mixed with my source files, but that may just be me. I like to keep generated files and manually created files separate in your projects.

  • Thanks Andre, I'll try that. Any idea why in this case the compiler thinks the automatically-generated header is in foo\GUI, rather than in foo\build, which is where it usually looks?

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