Squish: general newbie quest.

  • Hey guys,

    just another newbie question. I have some GUIs on my hands. Now, I'm trying to test them simultaneously.
    And I want to run some sample code besides myself.

    Is there a certain matching or dependence?
    Because I've chosen one test and the AUT starts, but then I've chosen another (which runs before) which stops from the following execution problem:

    ### Either application could not be started or it was failed to connect. Please have a look on the logfile.

    How may I stop making this misfit. And especially,
    how does it work to compile some Suites in one Application Window,( in general, compared with packages in Java inside one Eclipse-Window).

    Happy thanks, to get any help,

  • oh, sorry, and I work with Squish 4.2

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