How to prevent changing selection in QtableView, if the data is invalid?

  • Hi,
    When adding new data to QtableView/QRelationalTableModel, I need to verify the data entered by the user. The verification is done by using QValidator, but how can I prevent changing from that cell if the data is invalid, and to instruct user to correct the data?
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  • Hi, ~ras123!

    If I correctly understand what do you want - you should use proxy model. It's allow to set some kind of controll between model and view.

    Sorry if I misunderstood.

  • Proxy doesn't give the result. I need to validate data, at the instant on user submitted it. If it is valid, then move to next column, otherwise stay there. I think this is related to the QTableViw rather than the associated model.

  • Reimplement the focusOutEvent for the input widget and setFocus() if there is no acceptable input. You can then use a custom delegate to show your input widget.

    class LineEdit : public QLineEdit

    LineEdit(QWidget *parent = 0) : QLineEdit(parent) {}

    void focusOutEvent(QFocusEvent *event)
    if (((currentFocus_ == this) || (currentFocus_ == 0)) &&
    (hasAcceptableInput() == false))
    currentFocus_ = this;
    currentFocus_ = 0;

    static LineEdit *currentFocus_;

    LineEdit *LineEdit::currentFocus_ = 0;
    Brain to terminal. Not tested.

  • Thanks, I am looking for a similar solution. Since it is a table, and its validation depends on the current column, how to find the column number from the above approach? Or is it possible to similar programming for QtableView?

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