Compile Qt Resources into a dll?

  • Just wondering is it possible to build qt resources into a separate dll than make it be part of the application executable itself.

    Idea is to have a dll that the main application can link against to get all its images or translations or anything that it needs and not have it within the main app executable itself.

  • Hi, ~Nosf!

    I haven't heard about it, yet. But why do you need it? It's very strange to use resources from external dll. And it can be unsafe, so another applications can change your resources.

  • Hey tucnak,

    Reason am looking for this or something similar is, say as our application resources grow larger and larger the application executable gets bigger as well.

    Now if your having local content used via webkit you could put the files into the application folder and read them from there but they might also be easy for the end user to edit or tamper with. Hence was looking for alternatives pretty much.

    I did just see "Dynamic Resource Loading": which might be what i'm looking for in this case. Got to give it a try and see the results

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    tucnak: Resources are read only, there is no need to worry about them getting changed:-)

    Qt Creator plugins tend to each have their own set of resources. Since each plugin is essentially a library that seems to work fine:-)

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