[SOLVED] PySide - Problem with QLabel and QPixmap

  • I'm trying to make a QLabel display an picture using QLabel.setPixmap(QPixmap). My code is as follows:

    @self.imageLabel = QLabel("No image available")
    if not self.imageLabel.setPixmap(QPixmap("./placeholder.png")):
    print 'No pixmap set!'@

    As you can see I put a little debugging message when the QLabel sets the pixmap so that I know whenever it was successful or not. And it returns 0 all the time, which is a problem because that means the image won't be displayed. The image file I'm trying to load (placeholder.png) is in the same directory as my source code so I just used the current directory ("./") as its filepath.

    I'm thinking of using a QGraphicsView just to display the image but I think it's completely unnecessary and I'm trying to keep my code clean and minimal.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

  • Are you sure the current directory is the path where the image is located? Did you check that?

  • Your reply gave me a really important hint, thanks! I am running my app through a main.py file that's located in the root directory of my project. The code snippet I gave above was part of a file in a sub-directory inside the project that also contains the image file. I did not know that when I specified the directory "./", Python used the directory of main.py as the current directory, rather than the directory where the file holding the GUI code is located.

    I put the image file in the root directory of my project and it worked. This has been a silly mistake for me, but I'm leaving the answer here in case someone stumbles across the same problem and decides to Google for a solution.

  • Great, thanks for reporting back with your solution!

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