Switch widgets in a QTableWidget

  • Hi everybody, I'm trying to use a QTableWidget who contains QWidget (not QItems).
    I tried to switch two widgets using Drag&Drop but I found a problem:
    -When I call the cellWidget(row,col) method I get the instance of QWidget, but the QTableWidget kept the reference to that QWidget, so when I use setCellWidget in the same (row,col) it remove the QWidget.
    An example to clearify:


        previousRow = rowAt(event->pos().y());
        previousCol = columnAt(event->pos().x());
        previousWidget = cellWidget(previousRow,previousCol);


    QWidget *currentWidget = cellWidget(currentRow,currentCol);


    When I do that, I remove both QWidget... I tried to set a null pointer to the cell (setCellWidget(row,col,0) after getting the cellWidget, but It didn't work...

    Any idea? Thanks!

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