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Qt Plugins for extending my own Qt Application

  • Warning ! This is NOT about "writing Qt extensions": but "extending my own Qt-based Application":

    I have read the whole documentation provided by Qt at the adress above but what I'd like my application to do is very specific and I don't really know how to manage to make it work in a clean way.
    I want my QMainWindow, which is opened and shown in the main() function, to contain a QMdiArea and to load plugins.
    Plugins must be able to add a QAction in a QMenu from the QMdiArea's menuBar().
    When the added action triggers, the plugin opens a QSubWindow in the QMdiArea and the sub-window's code is in the plugin.
    Since there must be several plugins for many different sub-windows, but they all do the same (that is to say, add an action in a menu from the menubar() and show them-selves when user triggers the action), I think I must have one single interface to transmit data from and to the mainWindow.

    How can I do ?

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