A problem with a ToolButton in Qt Quick Symbian Component, QML CommonDialog Element, it doesn't respond on first click but on second click!

  • Hi every one,
    in the code shown bellow, i really can't see what's wrong with it, it's simply checks the password and shows hint messages when the password is incorrect when the button is clicked, the problem that it doesn't do any thing when the button is clicked for the first time but works fine when it's clicked for the second time!!
    @CommonDialog {
    id: root
    privateCloseIcon: true // show close button in the right corner of dialogs title
    titleText: qsTr( "Confirm password to continue" )

    property bool showClearPassword:     false
    property string msgPasswordIncorrect: qsTr( "Password incorrect!" )
    property bool exFlag: false
    titleIcon: ""
    function launch(exitFlag) {
    //to use only one button with own onClicked handler
    buttons: Item {
        id: buttonContainer
        LayoutMirroring.enabled: false
        LayoutMirroring.childrenInherit: true
        width: parent.width
        height: privateStyle.toolBarHeightLandscape + platformStyle.paddingSmall * 2
        Row {
            id: buttonRow
            objectName: "buttonRow"
            anchors.centerIn: parent
            spacing: platformStyle.paddingMedium
            ToolButton {
                id: btOk
                text: qsTr( "Ok" )
                onClicked: {
                    // check  password
                    if( paswd.text!== settingsFile.password ){
                        hintArea.show( msgPasswordIncorrect )
                        console.log("dialog entery1")
                    }else {
                            console.log("dialog entery2")


    Please Note that this issue doesn't show on simulator but when i deploy and test on the device, I'm testing this using Nokia700 device.

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