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QWebView fails to load 'div' external content from embedded resources

  • Greetings

    Here is the task:
    We have main html document (index.html) and a set of children documents (info.html, misc.html, etc). All documents are placed in the same folder.
    Main html document can load children documents to subnode via $('.<node_name>').load(<local_url>), where <local_url> can be 'info.html', 'misc.html' and so on.

    QWebView in my app showing main document and everything is going ok while main html document is passed by 'file:/' scheme. Once i put all the docs into resources, main document continue displaying ok via qrc:/ scheme, but children documents are not displayed at all.

    Manipulating with QWebSettings::Attributes did not bring me success.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about this strange behavior? Any help or clue will be appreciated.

    PS: Qt version is 4.8.1

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