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SQLite to MySQL

  • Hi,
    I need to develop database based application, since this is my first project with SQL, I would like to start with SQLite, and later changed to MySQL as the database size grows.

    Is it easy to migrate from SQLite to MySQL? Do I need to change the SQL code?


  • There are few slippery moments with migration. SQLite and MySQL syntax is a bit different. But AFAIN, all MySQL commands can be launched in SQLite.

    But you should do it. Remember. Do it! If you have problems, you have Google and DevNet. The biggest peoblem is to do it! ;)

  • Special library Predicate ( I am developing extends Qt and has switching between MySQL and SQLite set as one of the requirements. It was a part of Kexi, and now isn't technically dependent on KDE or Kexi. If you think it’s all nice and shiny, now the bad news: it is still not production ready.

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