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Password validation for multilanguages

  • Hi,

    I am developing bootup screen in an application which is multilanguage application & it uses following languages:

    Application uses Windows 7 as OS & it uses Visual Studio 2008 editor & VC++ as presentation layer.
    The boot up screen is having password field. On entry of password: validation of password happens & on entry of correct password: user is able to see main window.
    Here I am able to validate password for English language.[considering alphanumeric characters & special characters in password].
    I do not have idea like how to carry password validation and also what characters to consider for password validation for non-English languages.
    Please help.


    [[Merged the two identical posts, Tobias]]

  • Moderators

    Please do not post the same issue in several threads. I took the liberty of merging them.

    Considering that this is a really standard situation I put the merged thread under "General and Desktop", since you definitely do not need a C++ guru for this;-)

    I would use unicode categories (see QChar::category()) to decide which characters to allow.

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