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Creating hierarchy of custom widgets

  • I'm trying to create a base class for a widget, then create 2 or 3 subclassed widgets descending from the base class. I'm using Creator's built-in wizard for creating a plugin project for both the base class and the subclass. I can easily build both, but the subclass doesn't appear in Designer, just the base class. When I go to Tools->Form Editor->About Qt Designer Plugins I see this error:

    Cannot load library /usr/share/qt4/plugins/designer/ (/usr/share/qt4/plugins/designer/ undefined symbol: _ZTI16RDFTempProbeBase)

    RDFTempProbeBase is my base class, and RDFTempProbeMonitor is my subclass descended from RDFTempProbeBase.

    I've done a fair amount of research but have been unable to figure out how to resolve this. Any ideas?


  • It figures...I finally ask for help and then figure it out an hour later. If I add the header and source files for the base class to the subclass project, then the subclass shows up in designer.


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