[SOLVED] Dynamically add element to a model (using javascript) made with C++ backend

  • Hi all,
    I'm finding a way to add/remove item from a ListView;
    In my C++ file, I've created a model using QList<QObject *> and setContextProperty(); all went ok and it works.
    My problem now is to add/remove new element from within javascript...I was hoping that a simple


    was enought, but... a beautiful:
    myListObject.model.append' [undefined] is not a function.

    was shown to me even myListObject and model are both valid!!
    I've thought that happen because QList<QObject*> doesn't create a real ListModel (with all function like append, insert and so on...)
    Is there someone that know how to resolve this?!?

    Thank you

  • For those who can be interested in that, I've resolved, but not in a elegant way!
    In myListView I've created a qml ListModel attached to ListView and then thru javascript functions they manipulate ListModel.
    But important, you cannot pass from within C++ to qml a flat QList<QObject*> because itsn't supported well, instead you need to pass the QList thru setContextProperty of QDecalarativeContext to use in qml


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