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Organizing the code

  • Hi All,

    I have to develop GUI for a big project using Qt. It goes like this:

    Project name is MultiFunctionTester
    This MultiFunctionTester shall have 4 modes:
    Solar, DMM, Safety and Settings.

    Now each of these modes have many sub components in them which will further have different number of screens in solar will have 3 more components under it - Measurement, Memory and Actual. All these 3 will have number of screens in it...

    I am confused how to organize them and make it as a single project.
    Can anyone suggest me?

  • It is more likely question to designer actually...

    1. How much information should be on each widget? (max widget size)
    2. Is it necessary what all widgets should be visible simultaneously?
    3. How many monitors can be used?

    You can then decide between Docking widgets with one main widget, Set of separated widgets with main "toolbar" widget to show/hide them, Outlook like design, VS like design.

  • Start with design and planing first... and not with coding...

  • yeah but the different screens are part of diferent parts of the project. I mean all the screens and respective code for these screens are segregated to all those four folders and i want that all those four folders will be run in a single project....

  • [quote author="AcerExtensa" date="1336634911"]Start with design and planing first... and not with coding... [/quote]

    All screens and coding are already done but all are in different projects...I want them to be under a single project...It is like how to make a directory structure for a large project.

  • bq. It is like how to make a directory structure for a large project.

    Create project and insert subprojects....

    I really don't understand what you actually want?
    You need to organize some projects under one solution? Or you need new project which can make use of and control some existing projects?

  • if you a have a large project with many different different components how would you arrange them or organize them so that you have only one executable to run all of them

    1. One main exe + sub-executables controlled through QProcess + command line arguments(if it only need them on start), or controlled through events or something like this(pipes, QtSingleApplication , etc...)


    1. Main app(exe) + "plugins":

  • I am doing for a window platform

  • bq. window platform

    you mean windows platform? Or X11? It doesn't mater... booth options will work on WIN & X11 platforms.

  • Till now I tried to make sub-directories for each and every components including Main, but I am not able to write I am not able to understand how to link all these directories in file.

    Can anyone is there any proper documentation for it or can anyone throw some light on this topic

    thanks a lot to all of those who replied to this post

  • Have you read "this": documentation?

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