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Deploy on mac with macdeploytq -app to big

  • I'm tring to deploy with the macdeployqt tool, but the app increased from 850K to 40Mb.
    To reduce the size I'm tring to rebuild Qt in release mode. The docs say to do a
    make confclean and them configure. But with make confclean I get errors

    @"make: *** No rule to make target `confclean'. Stop."@

    I'm running it from what I believe to be the build directory: /Developer/Tools/Qt.
    Also I also can't find ./configure I get a error

    @-bash: ./configure: No such file or directory@

    Any ideias to solve this? Thanks

  • 40 MB is ok for the needed libs. QtGui alone is 23 MB. You may strip the libs, that reduces the size of QtGui from 23 to 20 MB. With all the other libs you easily get 40 MB in total.

    BTW: keep in mind, that, depending on the platform etc., at least 2 or 3 versions of the lib are in the file (ppc 32bit, x86 32bit, x86 64bit). That blows up the file size on the mac for the universal binaries.

  • Thanks for your replay. Striping the library, by what you say should not make a big difference. But I've seen gui apps in mac with 15Mb. I wonder how they did it, Is there any other way to reduce the size ?

  • I doubt that they were built using the Qt framework, but rather the specific libs available on a mac only (Carbon/Cocoa etc.)

  • I'm pretty sure it was Qt framework, but I will try to check with the autor

  • Forget my last post, with was a app made with Qt, but the 15Mb was the size of the dmg, the app was about 40Mb. My mistake.

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