DBus signal connection problem

  • Hi,

    I upgraded from Ubuntu 9..04 to 11.10 and the following code started throwing an error:
    m_hal_manager_p = new QDBusInterface( Hal::SERVICE, Hal::MANAGER_PATH,
    Hal::MANAGER_IFACE, QDBusConnection::systemBus(), this );

    (void)connect( m_hal_manager_p, SIGNAL( DeviceAdded( QString ) ),
        this, SLOT( OnDeviceAdded( QString ) ) );

    Warning: Object::connect: No such signal QDBusAbstractInterface::DeviceAdded( QString ) in ../../../Components/Qt/4/ExternalStorage/VolumeManager.cpp:43
    Any ideas what I might not have installed or configured properly to cause this?

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    welcome to devnet

    Please "code wrappings":http://qt-project.org/wiki/ForumHelp#e3f82045ad0f480d3fb9e0ac2d58fb01 for your code. I have introduced them for you.

    As the warning suggests the "signal is not defined. ":https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qdbusinterface-members.html

    Did you also upgrade from Qt3 to Qt4?
    I doubt that in an earlier Qt4 version this signal was available.

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