Qt+boost+Wt = problems...

  • Hello
    I've struggled to get Wt with Qt and so far I've managed to install the boost libraries and Wt.
    But when I try compile a Qt project in QtCreator (or terminal), it fails. With the following errors:

    Richard-Salins-MacBook-Pro:wtex richardsalin$ make
    g++ -headerpad_max_install_names -arch x86_64 -Xarch_x86_64 -mmacosx-version-min=10.5 -o CppWtMenu main.o menuapplication.o menuwidget.o -F/Users/richardsalin/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/473/gcc/lib -L/Users/richardsalin/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/473/gcc/lib -lwt -lwthttp -framework QtCore
    Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
    "boost::signals::connection::~connection()", referenced from:
    MenuWidget::MenuWidget()in menuwidget.o
    MenuWidget::MenuWidget()in menuwidget.o
    boost::signals::detail::slot_base::data_t::~data_t()in menuwidget.o
    "boost::signals::detail::slot_base::create_connection()", referenced from:
    boost::slot<boost::function1<void, Wt::WMouseEvent> >::slot<boost::_bi::bind_t<void, boost::_mfi::mf0<void, MenuWidget>, boost::_bi::list1<boost::_bi::value<MenuWidget*> > > >(boost::_bi::bind_t<void, boost::_mfi::mf0<void, MenuWidget>, boost::_bi::list1<boost::_bi::value<MenuWidget*> > > const&)in menuwidget.o
    "boost::signals::detail::signal_base_impl::connect_slot(boost::any const&, boost::signals::detail::stored_group const&, boost::shared_ptrboost::signals::detail::slot_base::data_t, boost::signals::connect_position)", referenced from:
    boost::signal1<void, Wt::WMouseEvent, boost::last_value<void>, int, std::less<int>, boost::function1<void, Wt::WMouseEvent> >::connect(boost::slot<boost::function1<void, Wt::WMouseEvent> > const&, boost::signals::connect_position)in menuwidget.o
    ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    The example is a direct copy paste from: http://www.richelbilderbeek.nl/CppWtExample1.htm.
    I'd really like to add capabilites provided by Wt to my Qt project, but currently I'm stuck. I'm using a Mac osx Lion platform. I'd really appreciate any assistance. Thank you!
    Best regards

  • Have you add following line

    CONFIG += no_keywords

    to your XXX.pro file?

  • ...no, but unfortunately it didn't help. :( Thanks anyway. Still open for further suggestions.

    ps. This is my pro file in use (a direct example copy/paste + "no_keywords"):

    @QT += core
    QT -= gui
    LIBS += -lwt -lwthttp


    TARGET = CppWtMenu
    CONFIG += console
    CONFIG -= app_bundle
    CONFIG += no_keywords
    TEMPLATE = app

    SOURCES += main.cpp

    HEADERS +=

  • For what architecture did you build the boost an Wt libraries? The universal binaries must at least contain every architecture you build your application for.

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