Integrate SIP API with Qt Webkit

  • Hi,

    Currently I am in the development of open source VOIP client(Ubuntu 11.04) development which will be interacting with server.
    I have the PJSIP API installed for handling VOIP calls.
    I have also installed Qt Webkit for linux build and able to render the native applications developed using(HTML,CSS and Javascript).That is, the index.html is given under the Tools/Webkit/qt loader.cpp file.

    So Able to open the browser engine by running the command Webkit/Tools/Script/run-launcher --qt.

    Now I would like to know,How to integrate the SIP API with Qtwebkit so that for every events in UI will have corresponding Actions performed with the help of PJSIP.Do I need to use existing javascripts(HTML,CSS,JS) with C++ files.

    For Example : If the User is Dialling the number using dialpad UI then the call is established with destination [or]
    User provides Login credentials and the request to be forwarded to remote server......

    Please help me to proceed as I am new to this QtWebkit.Some hints helps me to continue the development.

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