Problems with running the OpenGL Core Profile tutorial

  • I downloaded the source code for the tutorial "How to use OpenGL Core Profile with Qt" found "here": and built it without a problem using QtCreator 2.4.1 / Qt 4.8.0 on Linux. However, When I run it as-is I simply get a blank window. as seen "here.": By changing the call to GlFormat::setVersion() from setVersion( 3, 3 ) to 3, 1 or lower, the problem "disappears.":

    My driver seems to support OpenGL 3.3; glxinfo gives me:
    OpenGL version string: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 295.33
    OpenGL shading language version string: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

    Any idea what is causing this/how to fix it? Do I simply need to restrict myself to using OpenGL <= 3.1? I have no need for the Core Profile, however the problem persists even when the same code is used with the compatibility profile. I will be starting an OpenGL project soon and would like to get this resolved.

    Does anyone else have the same issue with the code provided in that tutorial?

  • I'm going to bump this because my post originally had a typo in the link to the tutorial.

    Can anyone please at least try to reproduce this problem and tell me whether or not it's an issue on my end?

  • Bumping this because I have the exact same issue and no idea how to fix it. I have a similar driver:
    OpenGL version string: 4.2.0 NVIDIA 295.53
    OpenGL shading language version string: 4.20 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

    I'm surprised no one else has run into this.

  • The tutorial says: "<...> it is required to bind a VAO before setting up the attributes. This behavior is part of the OpenGL 3.3 core profile."

    Add this in initializeGL before m_shader.setAttributeBuffer:

    @uint vao;

    typedef void (APIENTRY _glGenVertexArrays) (GLsizei, GLuint);
    typedef void (APIENTRY *_glBindVertexArray) (GLuint);

    _glGenVertexArrays glGenVertexArrays;
    _glBindVertexArray glBindVertexArray;

    glGenVertexArrays = (_glGenVertexArrays) QGLWidget::context()->getProcAddress("glGenVertexArrays");
    glBindVertexArray = (_glBindVertexArray) QGLWidget::context()->getProcAddress("glBindVertexArray");

    glGenVertexArrays(1, &vao);

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