Question on Word Processing with Qt Creator

  • As you may know, I'm developing a word processor. ATM, It is a limited functional text processor, but outputs only to plaintext format. Can someone Guide me to my goal, which is combining the QTextEdit with the widget thats responsible for displaying images. The way its supposed to work is you can drag an image, and the image becomes a part of that document. In general, is there any pointers to make my word processor more like M$ Word or LibreOffice Writer? I'm looking specifically for combining the text widget and the image widget together, and having it save rich text instead of plain text.

    1. This has nothing to do with Qt Creator, which is just an IDE.

    2. Seems that you want to write a work processing application and want to create your own rich text format.

    3. Though QTextDocumentWriter support standard OpenDocument Format, you still can not read such format at present.

    4. Maybe you can join the KWord develop group if you like ;-)

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