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[SOLVED] Run button disabled for my Linux Device

  • Hi,

    after upgrading my qt-creator I am no longer able to run my projects from qt-creator on my N9. I can perfectly run everything on the simulator, but when I switch to the Linux device the RUN Button becomes gray.

    My N9 is connected and when I run the Test from Linux devices preferences dialog it passes without problems.

    Does anyon has some hints for me on how to make it work ?


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    Hard to say what might be wrong here... Is there any hint as to what is wrong in the Projects->Harmattan->Build Settings/Run Settings?

    Checking Tools->Options->"Qt Versions" (might be in Build & Run) as well as "Tool chains" and "Devices" might also help.

  • Thanks a lot. Build-Settings was the problem.

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    Be sure and edit your original posts's title to add [Solved]. Thanks!

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