Qt-components-desktop installation problem

  • Hi,

    I have downloaded qt-components-desktop and i have no idea how to install it:/ In README file from extracted "qt-components-desktop" there is instruction:

    bq. "To install the
    components into your Qt directory, simply enter the root directory and do: 'qmake && make install' This will compile and copy the plugins and components into your QTDIR/imports folder. "

    I have set QTDIR to /home/../../../QtSDk

    and how to run qmake? there is no makefile in "qt-components-desktop" folder?

    what I did: I build desktop.pro in qtcreator and makefile appears in builded directory, but what next? Or my way to find solution is bad? Could somebody tell step by step how to install these components? I run Ubuntu 11.10 and use qt 4.8

  • Hi ksiedzulek,

    First of all you should set up environment variables, then run qmake, and your make tool.
    In my case, I ran batch file:

    @SET QTDIR=C:\Qt\4.8.0
    SET MINGWDIR=C:\Qt\qtcreator-2.4.82\mingw
    SET QMAKESPEC=win32-g++
    SET PATH=%QTDIR%\bin;%MINGWDIR%\bin;%SystemRoot%\System32
    qmake.exe desktop.pro -r -spec win32-g++ "CONFIG+=release"
    mingw32-make.exe install@

    It will create QtDesktop folder in %QTDIR%\imports.

    Then I can import this module in my qml file: "import QtDesktop 0.1". Actually, it worked after restarting Qt Creator.

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