Creating new widgets/windows

  • My application is having many subwindows/widgets and upon clicking a button the new screen/widget gets created.
    I am creating a new screen dynamically everytime, and I just wanted to know if thats the proper way and closing the screens would delete the object.
    Is there a way of managing the screen creation in a better way.

  • What is a "screen", a top-level widget?

    Widgets are deleted automatically when closed if the Qt::WA_DeleteOnClose attribute is set (or when their parent is deleted).

    If you just want to hide a widget and re-show it later on use QWidget::hide() and QWidget::show() instead.

  • I was considering should we create and delete it everytime or just show and hide. Probably the answer would be 'Depends' based on the scenario. All my previous applications (Non - QT) were behaving in the creation and deletion way. I am bit confused if I need to use the show and hide,. what I need to be doing if the widgets are too big (in terms of memory)

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