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Qt Creator... During startup program error.

  • Hi all,

    Have been developing my app in Qt for a month or so now.
    Has been all going trouble free up until now.

    On trying to run my app as Debug from inside Qt Creator (ver 2.0.1) i get the error:
    Executable failed: During startup program exited with code 0xc0000135.

    After clicking OK, nothing happens, and i have to abort debugging, where i get the error:
    Unexpected GDB exit: The gdb process exited unexpectedly (crashed).

    Nothing has changed in my app code that should cause any problems like this.
    Anyone know whats going on here?

    Thanks in advance!

  • That happened to me when I accidentally deleted a dll library that my app uses. The compilation stage didn't fail because the .a and the .lib files were present, as the linking was dynamic the was no error until the app tries to run. So just undeleting the .dll file, the app worked again ;)
    Hope this is useful

  • The problem is definitely with some missing dll(s)! I've found out that when I put dll's directly into folder(for instance png3.dll) with executable and then running it from qt creator it will run!! What I did: in your output directory(where executable lies) you open your executable(double click), Windows shows dll names that are missing. You find them and copy directly into the folder. Then run app from Qt creator! You should succeed if dlls are suitable. After that you try removing dlls from the exec folder and run app through qt creator till the moment it throws error again. This way you find the missing dll. After that you add the path to dll in qt creator "projects" settings in "build environment" into "Path" variable.

  • For me the missing file was libusb-1.0.dll. Too bad there is not a better error message as there normally is for missing DLL's.
    In linus using the "LDD" program makes you a list of all DLL's used and is missing the path is blank.
    On windows there does exist similar functions.

  • @HeCa said in Qt Creator... During startup program error.:

    On windows there does exist similar functions

    On Windows you may want to look at Dependency Walker tool.

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