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Remote Debugging

  • Qt embedded 4.7.4 cross compiled to arm using codesourcery 2010.09-50. Using Qt Creator 2.4.1 to try and remote debug an application running on target board. Host is Ubuntu, target is beagleboard.

    I have added the Qt version and toolchain to creator. I can start gdbserver on target and successfully connect to it in creator using "attach to remote debug server". I can do an interrupt and the program halts. F5 gets it running again. Great!

    However....none of the breakpoints work!'s compiled in debug mode! Maybe I'm missing some settings in the "start debugger" dialog box? I can't find any documentation on any of these fields???

    What is:

    • Debugger
    • Local executable
    • Location of debugging information
    • Override host GDB start script


  • I was missing the "local executable" path. The local side of the remote debugger didn't have a path to the file being debugged so it could load it...and thus it's symbol tables! No symtables, no breakie points!!

    So...if you are remote debugging, make sure the local executable path is filled out!

  • What exactly is the “local executable” path ?

  • It's a copy of the target executable on the local host.

  • Can I use the target executable if the target is Linux embedded on ARM32 and my QT Creator is on Windows ?

  • Yes. It needs to be a copy of the target executable.

  • And what is the Sysroot ?

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