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Can not see project output

  • Just getting started with qt creator, comming from a visual studio C# background. Anyhow I built the example 2dpainting project but do not see any output. I opened the application output window but the arrows are not enabled. When building in the compile output there is some red font text but I do not see any error statements. Also at the end of the compile output the line
    leaving directory /opt/QtSDK/Examples/4.7/opengl/2dpainting-build-harmattan-Harmattan_Target_Qt_SDK_Debug. Should it have built an executable here, also is harmattan a platform for a mobile device so would I need to run a simulator for the device to see the output? Also for now I am just trying to build desktop apps, is there a example I can run for just a desktop application. Also the computer is not connected to the internet, is there a way to have local help as it seems with the help window to try to go on the internet?
    Thanks Paul.

  • It seems you are building arm binaries for the device. Please go to Projects mode and switch to the Qt Simulator (click on the (+) button next to the Harmattan target).

    If you can not add a Qt simulator then please make sure you have a Qt version for the simulator installed.

  • thanks for the response, I think I might have a problem with the install. When I open the build & run form and look at qt versions the Desktop Qt 4.8 for GCC (Qt SDK) has a large red circle to the left of it with an exclamation inside of it. There is also the same red circle to the left of Simulator Qt for GCC and Desktop Qt 4.7 for GCC. When installing I logged in as super user Fedora 16, then used ./ Also noticed I get several Gconf warnings client failed to connect, like it was trying to connect to the internet. Any ideas?

  • Also for device configurations in the Linux Devices I have Configuration MeeGo Device (default for MeeGo 1 2 Harmattan) and when selecting test on this pane I get Connecting to host, SSH connection failure. When I try to run it I get cannot deploy, you want to deploy to Qemu but it is not enabled for this Qt version. On the targets page I have a harmattan button and when selecting the + it states remote compiler.

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