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[Solved] Inserting lineEdit contents into database

  • How can I supply the line edit text as an argument to a QSqlQuery command, that is I have the following:
    QLineEdit *nameLineEdit = new QLineEdit;
    QString name(nameLineEdit->text());
    QSqlQuery query("INSERT INTO Persons (firstname) VALUES (...); //here I want to input the text from nameLineEdit
    My intention is to insert the line edit contents into a database.

  • Probably a bit like this:
    QString str = QString ("INSERT INTO Persons (firstname) VALUES (" )+nameLineEdit->text()+QString(")");
    QSqlQuery query(str); //here I want to input the text
    Note: just typed. You need to check.
    There are certainly more ways to achieve the same result. You may also assemble the text directly in the query contructor.

  • Hi
    QSqlQuery query("insert into Persons (firstname) values (?)");
    // if database is SQLite then QSqlQuery query("insert into Persons (firstname) values (:firstname)");
    query.bindValue(0, nameLineEdit->text());

  • Thank you for the suggestions.
    I am able to insert the values using Skyrim suggestion, i.e supplying nameLineEdit->text() as an argument to bindValue() function.
    The problem I have is putting nameLineEdit->text() as part of the query, such as in DELETE query, or using the WHERE clause, or INSERTing a single record, etc, as shown in the following:
    QSqlQuery query("DELETE FROM Persons"
    "WHERE firstname=nameLineEdit->text()"); //this is wrong but I hope it gives the idea of what I want to achieve
    koahnig suggestion is somehow trying to solve it but unfortunately it did not work.

  • Please help...

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  • ok, in fact it is simple.
    for example
    QSqlQuery del(QString("delete from Persons where Persons.firstName = '%1' ")

    On the same principle can be constructed of any request.
    The example updates:
    QSqlQuery up(QString("update Persons set firstName = '%1', secondName = '%2' where = '%3' ")

    sorry for the delay
    good luck

  • My apologies for my impatience. Thank you for the link, mlong; I also didnt know anything about bumping.
    And thanks Skyrim, it worked!

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  • You can use prepared queries everywhere :

    QSqlQuery q;
    q.prepare("DELETE FROM Persons WHERE firstName=:firstName");
    q.bindValue(":firstName", nameLineEdit->text());
    if (q.exec()) {

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