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Building qt static on mac

  • hi to every one
    i donwload qt open source every where to compile it staticly from source and i use a page on documentation name
    deploying and application on mac os x
    and it works fine and it creates all .a lib i need except it does'nt create libqtwebkit.a and so my program does'nt compile and it break in half of it, what should i do?
    should i do anything more?
    thanks alot for your answers

  • Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you are not allowed to use static linkage unless you own a commercial Qt license, right?

  • i don't know , but i think it does'nt have any differences. and it creates all libs except libqtwebkit.a

  • Check "this": out, but keep in mind, this is ONLY for educational purposes.

    Currently Qt has three licensing schemes, GPL, LGPL and commercial. GPL is about open source stuff, LGPL allows closed source proprietary applications with dynamic linkage, and only the commercial license allows you to include Qt code in your executable.

    If you are just toying, I guess it is OK, but if you plan on selling a product that uses static linkage to Qt you might get in legal troubles.

  • i can't open because it is filtered in my country;
    but i think we can use open source edition with static lib because it compiles other libs.
    what should i do?

  • Static build of webkit in Qt is not supported. This is why you don't have any webkit lib in your static build. If you need webkit, you must use shared libs of Qt.

  • Can i use other libs staticly?and then i use webkit shared library

  • No, you cannot use static Qt libs together with shared webkit libs.

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