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[Solved] Qt text rendering issue on windows xp korean version

  • This is a quite old issue to me. please take a look following pictures

    ! style in windows xp korean)!

    You can notice that the font used in menu bar and list widget looks different than others. (in korean windows xp, QApplication::font() returns "Gulim(굴림)" font by default).

    now i changed style sheet like following

    QWidget { font-family: "Tahoma" }

    and the window looks different now

    ! change font style as 'tahoma')!

    You see? now all pre-wierdly looked font is now rendered correctly.

    For this kind of issue, in Korean Windows XP the glorious QtCreator that I've been wrestling with nowadays looks like...

    ! qtcreator)!


    ! ugly look)!

    please compare it with any normal other windows application in my desktop


    I tried to use "-stylesheet" option when running QtCreator, but he never accepted this option. Any ideas?


    P.S Image itself looks as if it is rescaled in this post. In my real life it looks more ugly than it looks here...

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    You could try changing the font used by Qt apps using the qtconfig application (part of Qt itself). That should effect all Qt programs run by your user.

  • Thanks, now I'm back to my place where no windows box exists unfortunately. I'll try to do that next week. BTW, does qtconfig application exists in win32 platform? I thought it is only for X-window thing in unixy world

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    Hmmm... I just checked, you are right, it does not seem to get build on windows. Sorry, I am not using windows regularly:-( I just assumed it would be there as well.

  • Still nobody to know about this kind of issue?

  • I found that Qt (as of 4.8) doesn't consider the cleartype setting in windows xp.
    It could get current font smoothing type configuration from registry(HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\FontSmoothingType) and then set every font's style strategy in qt_set_windows_font_resources() which is located in qapplication_win.cpp

    static void qt_set_windows_font_resources()
    #ifndef Q_WS_WINCE
    ncm.cbSize = FIELD_OFFSET(NONCLIENTMETRICS, lfMessageFont) + sizeof(LOGFONT);
    SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS, ncm.cbSize , &ncm, 0);

    QFont menuFont = qt_LOGFONTtoQFont(ncm.lfMenuFont, true);
    QFont messageFont = qt_LOGFONTtoQFont(ncm.lfMessageFont, true);
    QFont statusFont = qt_LOGFONTtoQFont(ncm.lfStatusFont, true);
    QFont titleFont = qt_LOGFONTtoQFont(ncm.lfCaptionFont, true);
    LOGFONT lfIconTitleFont;
    SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETICONTITLELOGFONT, sizeof(lfIconTitleFont), &lfIconTitleFont, 0);
    QFont iconTitleFont = qt_LOGFONTtoQFont(lfIconTitleFont, true);
    QApplication::setFont(menuFont, "QMenu");
    QApplication::setFont(menuFont, "QMenuBar");
    QApplication::setFont(messageFont, "QMessageBox");
    QApplication::setFont(statusFont, "QTipLabel");
    QApplication::setFont(statusFont, "QStatusBar");
    QApplication::setFont(titleFont, "Q3TitleBar");
    QApplication::setFont(titleFont, "QWorkspaceTitleBar");
    QApplication::setFont(iconTitleFont, "QAbstractItemView");
    QApplication::setFont(iconTitleFont, "QDockWidgetTitle");


    As it coule be realized, every function call to qt_LOGFONTtoQFont() could return a QFont object whose styleStrategy property correctly considering mentioned registry settings. For example,

    // ### maybe move to qapplication_win
    QFont qt_LOGFONTtoQFont(LOGFONT& lf, bool /scale/)
    QString family = QString::fromWCharArray(lf.lfFaceName);
    QFont qf(family);
    if (lf.lfWeight != FW_DONTCARE)
    int lfh = qAbs(lf.lfHeight);
    qf.setPointSizeF(lfh * 72.0 / GetDeviceCaps(shared_dc(),LOGPIXELSY));

    // ----- begin of mod
    QSettings s("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop", QSettings::NativeFormat);
    const int clearTypeEnum = 2;
    if ( clearTypeEnum==s.value("FontSmoothingType",1) ) {
    // ---- end of mod
    return qf;


    Now, I'm feeling like to report this, kinda officially, but don't know how to.

    I wish QtCreator itself could display its ui component more natuarally as well as other Qt application in my case.

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    Please report this on ! It will get lost here... :-(

  • did my first bug report. "here":
    feels good no matter it could help or not. thanks.

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